Wood Clock

  • Item No.
  • Product Type
    Wood Clock
  • Size
    L:95mm x W:38mm x H:95mm
  • Wood species recommended
    ASH & Walnut
  • Color
     Flat paint
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  1. Our design is the combination of nature wood, contemporary metal and different colors to create diversity.
  2. We design with the simplest elements to provide unlimited imagination.
  3. Our design is with the hope that people can get rid of worries and get relaxed when using our products.

This is fünwood, simple way to make your life fun and happy.

Fünwood is a brand of wooden gift with the idea of fun, simplicity, and creativity.

Compared to traditional woodworking, our wood gift presents different styles. With the simple idea based on wood, we combine with different materials and use different colors to create more possibility.